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“Here's the Insider Secret to
Smoothly and Easily Buying and
Selling Your Home in Northern

Most people believe buying or selling a home is confusing and expensive - especially in today’s housing market.

And it IS, if you choose a predatory lender, make a bad investment, or get stuck with two mortgages.

Which is why…

People just don’t trust their Real Estate Agent anymore

“I am confident in my abilities and so are my past clients.  Buyers & Sellers can rely on receiving service that always protects YOUR interests and puts YOUR needs first.”
            -- Dana Goode

And I don’t blame them! With the housing market the way it is, most Real Estate Agents are in a panic. And as a result they’ve become sales-driven, thinking they can only make money by pushing a deal through as fast as they can.

But not me. I know more than ever that in today’s economy, it’s important to truly represent what my buyer and seller want and help them get the best and fairest deal possible.

What makes me so different?

I’m a completely different kind of Real Estate Agent because I’ve been a Fort Collins native all my life.

  • I worked for the City of Fort Collins Building Inspection and Planning/Zoning departments for 12 years.

  • I know the contractors, including which have good reputations and which ones don't.

  • I know who built in what subdivisions and where the hidden quality ones are.

I’ve spent a lifetime building the connections and relationships you need to easily and smoothly buy or sell a home here. And I’ve been a realtor since 2000.

Which is why, while other Real Estate Agents have suffered, I’ve been able to thrive by helping people from all walks of life buy or sell their home in Northern Colorado.

“We strongly recommend Dana Goode to anyone who is looking for a real estate professional. Dana is an excellent realtor and a wonderful person. We will continue to utilize Dana’s services based on her extensive strengths."

Chad and Jennifer Washburn

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In fact…

100% of my clients who have worked with me from start to finish were thrilled with how great the experience was

If you’re doing research on buying or selling a home in Northern Colorado, I encourage you to look around my website and give me a call. As you can see here, I’m not interested in being a pushy salesperson and frankly I don’t have to be.

I’m passionate about helping homeowners and those looking to own a home. Please give me a call - no matter what kinds of questions you have about any aspect of buying or selling a home in Northern Colorado, I guarantee I can help.

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If you haven't spent a lifetime in Northern
Colorado, then rely on the Realtor who has!